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√Here are the books that I am reading separated into seasonal ToBeRead lists. As you can see, I am a devoted mystery reader, particularly with international protagonists. I  now read exclusively on Kindle, usually on my iPhone (mine is approaching 500 books!). Of course, I applaud those of you who like the tactile attributes of a physical book. All the books on my lists are available that way as well.

I hope you will read along with me and then make some comments here, so that we might open a discussion about the authors, their stories, their styles, etc.

So here are the lists for 2016. The summer list has just started – jump in and read along. I try to read a chapter each night before lights out!

Winter 2015 (12/21/15 – 3/21/16)

√ Ian Rankin – Even Dogs in the Wild (John Rebus) Scotland
√ Karla Hull – The Grievance Collectors: A Sip of Death (Bridget O’Leary) Midwest USA
√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Elizabeth George – A Banquet of Consequences (Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers) England
√ Tim Ellis – The Kisses of an Enemy (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√ JA Jance – Dance of the Bones (JP Beaumont) Seattle and Arizona USA

Spring 2016 (3/21/16 – 6/21/16)

√ Archer Mayor – The Second Mouse (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA
√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Peter Robinson – Wednesday’s Child (Alan Banks) England
√ Martin Walker – The Resistance Man (Bruno Courreges) France
√ Donna Leon – By It’s Cover (Guido Brunetti) Venice Italy

Summer 2016 (6/21/16 – 9/21/16)

√ MC Beaton – Death of a Nurse (Hamish MacBeth) Highlands Scotland
√ Tim Ellis – Evidence of Things Not Seen (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√ Jane Haddam – Fountain of Death (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia USA
√ Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Fell Purpose (Bill Slider) England
√ Archer Mayor – Chat (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA

Fall 2016 (9/21/16 – 12/21/16)

√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Peter Robinson – Final Account (Alan Banks) England
√ JA Jance – Downfall (Joanna Brady) Arizona USA
√ Michael Jecks – Blood of the Innocents (Berenger Fripper) Historical France
√ Michael Jecks – Rebellion’s Message (Jack Blackjack) Historical England

Winter 2016 (12/21/16 – 3/21/17)

√Tim Ellis – Dominion of Darkness (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√Donna Leon – Falling in Love (Guido Brunetti) Venice Italy
√Lee Child – Night School (Jack Reacher) USA
√Martin Walker – The Children Return (Bruno Courreges) France
√Jane Haddam – One to Grow On (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia USA
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Body Line (Bill Slider) England
√Peter Robinson – Innocent Graves (Alan Banks) England

Spring 2017 (3/21/17 – 6/21/17)

√Tim Ellis – Games of the Dead (Tom Gabriel) Florida
√Archer Mayor – The Catch (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied D.H. Lawrence (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico
√Ian Rankin – Rather Be the Devil (John Rebus) Scotland
√Les Roberts – Speaking of Murder (Milan Jacovich) Cleveland
√Anne Hillerman – Song of the Lion (Leaphorn/Chee/Manuelito) Arizona
√Peter Robinson – Blood at the Root (Alan Banks) England
√MC Beaton – Knock, Knock You’re Dead (Hamish MacBeth) Highlands Scotland
√Tim Ellis – There Is No Fear in Love (Parish & Richards) England
√Haddam – Baptism in Blood (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia
√JA Jance – The Old Blue Line (Joanna Brady) Arizona
√JA Jance – Ring in the Dead (JP Beaumont) Seattle
√van de Wetering – Just a Corpse at Twilight (Gripstra & de Gier) Amsterdam
√Connelly – The Black Ice (Bosch) Los Angeles

Summer 2017 (6/21/17 – 9/21/17)

√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico
√Martin Walker – The Patriarch (Bruno Correges) – France
√Donna Leon – The Waters of Eternal Youth (Guido Brunetti) – Venice
√Peter Robinson – In a Dry Season (Alan Banks) – England
√Tim Ellis – All Is Vanity (Parish & Richards) – England

Fall 2017 (9/21/17 – 12/21/17)

√Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Kill My Darling (Bill Slider) – England
√Michael Connelly – The Concrete Blonde (Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Sue Grafton – Y Is for Yesterday (Kinsey Milhone) – California
√Jane Haddam – Deadly Beloved (Gregor Demarkian) – Philadelphia
√Archer Mayor – The Price of Malice (Joe Gunther) – Vermont
√Michael Jecks – Murder Too Soon (Jack Blackjack) – England

Winter 2017 (12/21/17 – 3/21/18)

√Lee Child – The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher) – USA
√Michael Connelly – The Last Coyote (Harry Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Tim Ellis – The Wings of Dawn – (Parish & Richards) – England
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keefe (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico

Spring 2018 (3/21/18 – 6/21/18)

√Lee Child – Small Wars (Novella – Jack Reacher) – USA
√Tim Ellis – I Will Fear No Evil Parish & Richards) – England
√Elizabeth George – The Punishment She Deserves ( Lynley & Havers) – England
√Martha Grimes – The Knowledge (Richard Jury) – England
Michael Jecks – Pilgrim’s War (Crudaser Series) – France to Jerusalem ($$$)

Summer 2018 (6/21/18 – 9/21/18)
√MC Beaton – Death of a Ghost (Hamish MacBeth) – Highlands, Scotland
√Michael Connelly – Trunk Music (Harry Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Edward Abbey (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico

Fall 2018 (9/21/18 – 12/21/18)
√Lee Child – Past Tense (Jack Reacher)
√Tim Ellis – The Heart Knoweth ((Parish & Richards)
√Michael Connelly – Angels Flight (Harry Bosch)
√Martin Walker – Fatal Pursuit (Bruno Correges)

Winter 2018 (12/21/18 – 3/21/19)
√JA Jance – Proof of Life (JP Beaumont – Seattle)
√Anne Hillerman – Cave of Bones (Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelita – Arizona)
√Donna Leon – Earthly Remains (Guido Brunetti – Venice)
√Jane Haddam – Skeleton Key (Gregor Demarkian – Philadelphia)

Spring 2019 (3/21/18 – 6/21/18)
√Tim Ellis – Rage of the Dead (Tom Gabriel – St. Augustine)
√Archer Mayor – Red Herring (Joe Gunther – Vermont)
√Peter Robinson – Cold is the Grave (Alan Banks – England)
√Tim Ellis – Through the Eye of a Needle (Parish & Richards – England)

Summer 2019 (6/21/19 – 9/21/19)
√Jane Haddam – True Believers (Gregor Demarkian – Philadelphia)
√Anne Hillerman – The Tale Teller (Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelita – Arizona)
√Michael Jecka – A Missed Murder (Jack Blackjack – Medieval England)
Ian Rankin – In a House of Lies (John Rebus – Scotland)
√Ann Cleeves – Raven Black (Jimmy Perez – Shetland Island, UK)

Fall 2019 (9/21/19 – 12/21/19)
Note: Due to the strong Real Estate market in Valdosta, there is no Fall
2019 Reading List (I needed all the time to complete the Summer 2019 list!)
Here is the Winter 2019 List!

Winter 2019 (12/21/19 – 3/21/20)
√Lee Child – Blue Moon (Jack Reacher)
Ann Cleeves – White Nights (Jimmy Perez – Shetland Island)
√Martha Grimes – The Old Success (Richard Jury – England)
Tim Ellis – Lest Darkness Come (Parrish & Richards – England)

Spring 2020 (3/21/20 – 6/21/20)

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