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√Here are the books that I am reading separated into seasonal ToBeRead lists. As you can see, I am a devoted mystery reader, particularly with international protagonists. I  now read exclusively on Kindle, usually on my iPhone (mine is approaching 500 books!). Of course, I applaud those of you who like the tactile attributes of a physical book. All the books on my lists are available that way as well.

I hope you will read along with me and then make some comments here, so that we might open a discussion about the authors, their stories, their styles, etc.

So here are the lists for 2016. The summer list has just started – jump in and read along. I try to read a chapter each night before lights out!

Winter 2015 (12/21/15 – 3/21/16)

√ Ian Rankin – Even Dogs in the Wild (John Rebus) Scotland
√ Karla Hull – The Grievance Collectors: A Sip of Death (Bridget O’Leary) Midwest USA
√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Elizabeth George – A Banquet of Consequences (Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers) England
√ Tim Ellis – The Kisses of an Enemy (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√ JA Jance – Dance of the Bones (JP Beaumont) Seattle and Arizona USA

Spring 2016 (3/21/16 – 6/21/16)

√ Archer Mayor – The Second Mouse (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA
√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Peter Robinson – Wednesday’s Child (Alan Banks) England
√ Martin Walker – The Resistance Man (Bruno Courreges) France
√ Donna Leon – By It’s Cover (Guido Brunetti) Venice Italy

Summer 2016 (6/21/16 – 9/21/16)

√ MC Beaton – Death of a Nurse (Hamish MacBeth) Highlands Scotland
√ Tim Ellis – Evidence of Things Not Seen (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√ Jane Haddam – Fountain of Death (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia USA
√ Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Fell Purpose (Bill Slider) England
√ Archer Mayor – Chat (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA

Fall 2016 (9/21/16 – 12/21/16)

√ Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√ Peter Robinson – Final Account (Alan Banks) England
√ JA Jance – Downfall (Joanna Brady) Arizona USA
√ Michael Jecks – Blood of the Innocents (Berenger Fripper) Historical France
√ Michael Jecks – Rebellion’s Message (Jack Blackjack) Historical England

Winter 2016 (12/21/16 – 3/21/17)

√Tim Ellis – Dominion of Darkness (Jed Parish/Mary Richards) England
√Donna Leon – Falling in Love (Guido Brunetti) Venice Italy
√Lee Child – Night School (Jack Reacher) USA
√Martin Walker – The Children Return (Bruno Courreges) France
√Jane Haddam – One to Grow On (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia USA
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico USA
√Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Body Line (Bill Slider) England
√Peter Robinson – Innocent Graves (Alan Banks) England

Spring 2017 (3/21/17 – 6/21/17)

√Tim Ellis – Games of the Dead (Tom Gabriel) Florida
√Archer Mayor – The Catch (Joe Gunther) Vermont USA
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied D.H. Lawrence (Hubie Schuze) New Mexico
√Ian Rankin – Rather Be the Devil (John Rebus) Scotland
√Les Roberts – Speaking of Murder (Milan Jacovich) Cleveland
√Anne Hillerman – Song of the Lion (Leaphorn/Chee/Manuelito) Arizona
√Peter Robinson – Blood at the Root (Alan Banks) England
√MC Beaton – Knock, Knock You’re Dead (Hamish MacBeth) Highlands Scotland
√Tim Ellis – There Is No Fear in Love (Parish & Richards) England
√Haddam – Baptism in Blood (Gregor Demarkian) Philadelphia
√JA Jance – The Old Blue Line (Joanna Brady) Arizona
√JA Jance – Ring in the Dead (JP Beaumont) Seattle
√van de Wetering – Just a Corpse at Twilight (Gripstra & de Gier) Amsterdam
√Connelly – The Black Ice (Bosch) Los Angeles

Summer 2017 (6/21/17 – 9/21/17)

√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico
√Martin Walker – The Patriarch (Bruno Correges) – France
√Donna Leon – The Waters of Eternal Youth (Guido Brunetti) – Venice
√Peter Robinson – In a Dry Season (Alan Banks) – England
√Tim Ellis – All Is Vanity (Parish & Richards) – England

Fall 2017 (9/21/17 – 12/21/17)

√Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Kill My Darling (Bill Slider) – England
√Michael Connelly – The Concrete Blonde (Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Sue Grafton – Y Is for Yesterday (Kinsey Milhone) – California
√Jane Haddam – Deadly Beloved (Gregor Demarkian) – Philadelphia
√Archer Mayor – The Price of Malice (Joe Gunther) – Vermont
√Michael Jecks – Murder Too Soon (Jack Blackjack) – England

Winter 2017 (12/21/17 – 3/21/18)

√Lee Child – The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher) – USA
√Michael Connelly – The Last Coyote (Harry Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Tim Ellis – The Wings of Dawn – (Parish & Richards) – England
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keefe (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico

Spring 2018 (3/21/18 – 6/21/18)

√Lee Child – Small Wars (Novella – Jack Reacher) – USA
√Tim Ellis – I Will Fear No Evil Parish & Richards) – England
√Elizabeth George – The Punishment She Deserves ( Lynley & Havers) – England
√Martha Grimes – The Knowledge (Richard Jury) – England
Michael Jecks – Pilgrim’s War (Crudaser Series) – France to Jerusalem ($$$)

Summer 2018 (6/21/18 – 9/21/18)
√MC Beaton – Death of a Ghost (Hamish MacBeth) – Highlands, Scotland
√Michael Connelly – Trunk Music (Harry Bosch) – Los Angeles
√Michael Orenduff – The Pot Thief Who Studied Edward Abbey (Hubie Schuze) – New Mexico

Fall 2018 (9/21/18 – 12/21/18)
√Lee Child – Past Tense (Jack Reacher)
√Tim Ellis – The Heart Knoweth ((Parish & Richards)
√Michael Connelly – Angels Flight (Harry Bosch)
√Martin Walker – Fatal Pursuit (Bruno Correges)

Winter 2018 (12/21/18 – 3/21/19)
√JA Jance – Proof of Life (JP Beaumont – Seattle)
√Anne Hillerman – Cave of Bones (Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelita – Arizona)
√Donna Leon – Earthly Remains (Guido Brunetti – Venice)
√Jane Haddam – Skeleton Key (Gregor Demarkian – Philadelphia)

Spring 2019 (3/21/18 – 6/21/18)
√Tim Ellis – Rage of the Dead (Tom Gabriel – St. Augustine)
√Archer Mayor – Red Herring (Joe Gunther – Vermont)
√Peter Robinson – Cold is the Grave (Alan Banks – England)
√Tim Ellis – Through the Eye of a Needle (Parish & Richards – England)

Summer 2019 (6/21/19 – 9/21/19)
Jane Haddam – True Believers (Gregor Demarkian – Philadelphia)
√Anne Hillerman – The Tale Teller (Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelita – Arizona)
√Michael Jecka – A Missed Murder (Jack Blackjack – Medieval England)
Ian Rankin – In a House of Lies (John Rebus – Scotland)
√Ann Cleeves – Raven Black (Jimmy Perez – Shetland Island, UK)

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