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  1. It’s really a nice day,how are you, my frriends?

  2. JoshuaWag says:

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  3. Leonello Capodaglio says:

    I am very happy for your music and for you!

  4. Leonello Capodaglio says:

    Dear James,
    your ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT is wonderful!!!
    Ciao from Veneto.
    Leonello Capodaglio, composer

    • jashrader says:

      Thank you Leonello!

      The new publication is an arrangement of the same piece for men, flute, and harp (or keyboard). The flute makes it a bit more special. I’s love to send you an Introit if you give me your email address! BTW – My piece “Trust in Me” has been performed in San Marco!!! Ciao! -JAS

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