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I’m amazed to discover that my last post here was October 14! That’s even pre-election! Sheesh! Well, you missed some important events, so I’ll try to provide a “Cliff’s Notes” summary and time travel us all up to the present.

It seems there’s a lacuna (it’s a PhD word – sorry!) in our historical journey. I left you just after my second cataract implant surgery last June. The day after the surgery, I was helping Alek pack his U-Haul for the moving excursion to his new home in South Bend. As I stood with Aija just inside the garage door watching Alek working at arranging items in the truck, I noticed a strange slurring of my speech. I mentioned it to Aija and we thought about what might be the cause. Naturally, I thought it might be connected to the cataract surgery that took place the day before. She called the eye surgery office and the doctor assured us that it was not connected to the surgery and we should probably go to see our GP. So we did!

There began a series of tests with several physicians, all of which I basically passed. I was finally referred to a neurologist. More tests. Finally, I had an MRI on my brain. The discovery was that I had suffered a TIA which is actually a stroke! Scary … Additionally, the neurologist told me that I had probably had others in the course of my history. I asked what I could do about this problem. Believe it or not, his prescription was, “Lose weight and exercise!” (Where have I heard that before?) So, I immediately hired a personal trainer, set up an exercise program and also arranged to begin a nutrition program. All this was with the wonderful app known as My Fitness Pal! I also began a walking regimen for cardio which I track with the app, Map My Walk. I keep track of my strength training with the app, Trainerize (through my local gym and trainer). I was very concerned about my longevity, if not down-right scared!

[Before resuming the historical update, let me just say that all this is working very well. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and eating more healthy with a good regimen of exercise – more than ever before in my life!]

So, during the ensuing weeks, the usual and expected activities took place including things like shooting some videos, traveling to St. Augustine for the July 4 fireworks, Getting a new prescription for glasses, seeing the neurologist, showing houses to potential buyers, picking up new glasses, etc.

On July 9, I was in the bedroom preparing to go for a swim. I put my right foot in the bathing suit and then lifted my left leg to insert it into the suit as well. Unfortunately, I caught my left big toe on the suit liner and crashed to the floor. It hurt! Bad! I laid there for a few minutes and then painfully stood up. At that point, I thought it was a bad bruise and I stayed off of it. When Aija came home for showing houses, I related what had happened. As the day wore on, the pain became worse and my ability to put weight on the leg diminished. Finally, in the evening, Aija convinced me to go to ER, which we did. There was severe damage to the right knee. I went to see the orthopedic doctor the next day.

I had been scheduled to travel to Santa Fe to be Grandpa-nanny for Eva. That trip, to my dismay, had to be canceled. My leg and particularly knee were badly swollen and walking was almost impossible! Fortunately, the x-ray and MRI data showed no breaks or tears, but a huge hematoma on the inside area of my right knee. I chose to no have surgery to deal with the hematoma, but to treat the injury and let the blood disperse naturally.

There followed a very long period of recovery first on crutches, then a walker, then a cane, and finally physical therapy. I’m pleased to say that I am fully recovered and back to normal. I certainly dodged a bullet!

During this time, Aija’s siblings Nora and Dainis arrived for their regular summer visit. I was mostly confined to the recliner where I celebrated Birthday number 69! Aija went to Santa Fe to cover some Eva nanny time and I was scheduled to go to Santa Fe later as well. I was hoping that I was able to make the trip.

It came time to have a brain MRI to investigate the TIA incident. It was endurable, but not my favorite procedure! The results would not be read by the doctor until August 17.

I spent July 23-27 diligently trying to rehabilitate my leg in order to make the trip to Santa Fe. Family and Doctors were, at first negative about the flight. I worked hard with PT including swimming and walking. By July 27, I had the medical release to fly. The family still were not convinced that it was the right decision, but for me, personally and psychologically, I knew it was. I made the trip and it was wonderful. Aija and I spent quality time with Eva, we saw the Santa Fe production of Handel’s Alcina, starring Alek and Daniela, and had nice vacation time.

August 3rd we returned to Valdosta and prepared to undertake Fall season. I think I’ll stop here and pick up the history of the next few months in the next installment. If you’ve trudged through this so far, you have my thanks! Meanwhile, check out the other pages on this site. They are much less pedantic! See you next time!  Cheers!  -Jim

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