Long Time Coming – BUT – We’re Back!

Good News! The long diatribe about the trials and tribulations of my ongoing life story is over! (Not my life – just the diatribe!) After allowing this site to become dormant for quite a while, I have decided to re-energize it (and you, hopefully!). This has come about because of several new directions arising in my paradigm.

I continue to be a FAA Part 107 licensed Drone Pilot as part of my new-found, semi-retired activity as a Realtor. I am part of the team led by the wonderful top Realtor, Aija Shrader (yes – that one!). I show houses, take videos, put up and take down various signage, and try to be generally helpful and supportive while Aija does the heavy lifting and brainwork! It’s a fun way to work with her and make me feel like I am making a contribution while in retirement.

If you’re moving to Valdosta, check our http://www.AijaShraderRealtor.com .

Second on my list for reactivation is the publishing of my music. I will update the various music pages on this site, but just let me say that, while I continue to occasionally publish with Colla Voce, Inc., I have now uploaded many compositions to SheetMusicPlus. These are things from my library which I have written and performed over the years which I would like to make available to everyone. They are mostly for small church choirs including SATB, SA, TB, SAB, and Unison offerings. There are also some really fine pieces for children’s choirs. I encourage you to go to


to see what’s available right now. It would be great if you could share these pieces with your church music professional and PLEASE, let me know if any of these are performed! The object here is to share this music!

I continue to compose and record. I have just submitted a new work to Colla Voce on the familiar text, There Is No Rose for SATB A Cappella choir. I don’t know if they will accept it yet. I’ll keep you informed.

PARMA Recordings will be issuing a compilation CD that will include my Really Short Opera, Frogs Always Get You in the End. We recorded it a while back in Rockport, MA with me conducting! I’ll post the release date here.

Next, and last on the re-activation motivation list is my new purchase. I gave up my Soul (some folks will not be surprised!) and purchased a 2019 Toyota Tacoma truck. (I’ve never owned a truck in my life!) I bought it for a specific purpose – I’m also buying a travel trailer (RV). It’s a small Forest River R-Pod 180. Moxie and I pan to become weekend warriors and travel up and down the east coast in search of adventure and relaxation. Teddy Tacoma and Roxanne (Roxy) R-Pod will take us on our journies! I’ll be setting up a new YouTube Channel called:

Moxie and Me – Takin’ a Mosey

In it we will try to keep a record of our travels.

Well. that’s quite a bit for a 72 year-old retired musician/professor/everything else. I’ll try not to bore you and I will read all comments here and respond accordingly.

Over and Out – and glad to be back!


PS: The fiction books are still in hibernation, but I have not given up yet on Twin Killing and Cedar Key.

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