Quick Summer TBR Update …


I finished Jan Willem Van De Wetering’s Hard Rain. It was a quirky and sometimes confusing saga featuring de Wetering’s usual cast of characters. The ending, however, was satisfying because the bad guys got their comeuppance! (Oops – spoiler alert!) My review may or may not appear on Amazon.

Now it’s on to the final book for this summer – Blood on the Sand by one of my favorites, Michael Jecks. It’s the second in a trilogy featuring a platoon of English archers during the Hundred Year’s War. It is an epic read and I have 20 days to finish it.

My Cedar Key mystery is making some steady albeit slow progress. My choral marketing strategy is being formulated. My university duty is eating my lunch! Retirement may be looming a bit closer! That’s all for now – please ley me hear from you. Comment, reply, like, share, etc.

See you soon!  -JAS

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