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I took a little time off for a quick, but intense trip to South Bend, then Ann Arbor, then South Bend, then Ann Arbor, then Detroit! I was on Eva duty as designated Grandparent as Alek taught opera classes and rehearsals at Notre Dame and Michigan (subbing for Matt Ozawa). I finally got to see the new house in South Bend. It’s wonderful with lots of space, an interesting floor plan, and a great view of the St. Joseph river. The house sits right the river bank and we were able to watch people in canoes, kayaks, and even some fishing boats, one of which anchored right in view of the house! It’s a great location which feels like you’re in the middle of the forest, even though you’re actually in the city!

It’s about a three-hour drive from South Bend to Ann Arbor, so we put lots of miles on the rented Kia Sportage! Alek had to teach in Ann Arbor on Tuesday and Thursday and do a South Bend rehearsal on Wednesday, hence the travel time! Eva, as always, was amazing. We had two great picnics at a small playground¬†on the property of Matt’s condo. We flew out of the Detroit airport on Friday the 13th (I know, right?!) with Alek and Eva to Washington DC (where mom, Daniela is performing at Kennedy Center with Washington National Opera) and me to Valdosta!

I’m here for ten days and then I go to DC for more Grandpa duties. More about that later!

Now, back to the historical diatribe …

I left you on May 5 just after our anniversary dinner. Nothing much to report the next week or so – just the usual real estate business, a couple of doctor appointments, etc. On May 18, Alek, Daniela, and Eva arrived for an extended visit. This was in preparation for the big move to the new house in South Bend. The packing/sorting/discarding commenced in a big way! Aija and I were thrilled to take care of the little one while mom and dad packed and stuff!

May 23, Alek had to fly to Notre Dame for some meetings and I took my first Real Estate Continuing Ed class. Next came a series of celebrations: May 26 for the Alek and Daniela anniversary; June 2 for Aija’s birthday; and June 11 for Eva’s second birthday (where the parents gave her a shiny red tricycle!).

Between those two birthdays, I started the journey to cataract surgery on both eyes. The left eye was done on June 5 and the right eye on June 17. Meanwhile the truck had been packed and Alek was set to drive it to South Band on June 20. But then, a series of major events were about to take place that affected the entire family. Stay tuned …


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