Storm Warning …

Good afternoon! Hunkered down in the middle of a severe storm! Lots of rain, thunder, lightning, etc. Looking out the French doors to the back yard – pool filling up! Yikes!

Moxie - stormI hope I don’t have to brave the storm to drain it a bit – nasty weather! Moxie is riding it out over there on the couch.

Today has been dedicated to reading and assessing several essays and writing assignments from the Honors Creativity class and the Development of Rock class. The last day of classes is May 4 and most of my classes are winding down and preparing for final project submissions.

Thinking of Alek who is in Toronto right now singing a matinee performance of Barbiere with Canadian Opera. You can google him to read several reviews. Next is Candide in Vancouver and then Santa Fe for Daughter of the Regiment. 

This morning I worked on travel planning. We’re going to Santa Fe three times this summer. During one of those trips I will become a grandfather for the first time! Alek and Daniela are about to bring forth their first child, a daughter! With those two as parents, this child will be beautiful beyond words! I plan to spoil her shamelessly!

I finished reading Michael Jecks’s Fields of Glory last night. If you haven’t discovered this brilliant author yet, you must immediately run to a bookstore and grab a copy of The Last Templar to begin an incredible journey through the medieval world guided by Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock! Michael Jecks is an outstanding medievalist, but, most of all, he is a gifted story teller. I highly recommend his ouvre! I must read my authors in the order their books are published and I’ve read more than thirty of Jeck’s works. You will not be disappointed!

So, that meant starting a new book. I chose to renew my interest in the Joe Gunther series with Gatekeeper by Archer Mayor. It’s deeply embedded  in Vermont and the Vermont Bureau of Investigation. It’s great looking in on old friends to see what they’re up to and what mysteries they are confronting.

Finally, the VSU softball team has finished atop the Gulf South Conference and we will host the GSC post-seasonn tournament in two weeks. Since they are currently ranked number one in the country (NCAA-II), there’s a good chance we’ll host the regional and perhaps even the super regional as well!

It looks like the storm has abated a bit, so I’ll return to my assessment chores. I hope you will reply, comment, and tell your friends to visit. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Upcoming events include the May 1 first time in the pool and the May 6 opening of the full-time author/composer summer season!  Meanwhile, I hope to see you ONLINE! -Jim


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