A wet night in Greenville …

Late night blogging from Greenville, SC! I’m here with colleagues Mike Savoie and Garner Rogers as well as six honor students who will be presenting at the conference. It was a long, wet drive through Macon, Atlanta, finally arriving in Greenville. Nice Hyatt Regency hotel! One student has already presented with more to come tomorrow. There will be a poster session on Saturday morning, then it’s back to V-town.

Totally dedicated to travel and conference today –  no web design additions or work on Venice Key.

I did manage to dine across the street at the Blue Ridge Brewery – Low Country Shrimp and Grits (Yum!) accompanied by an adult beverage.

I caught the Cincinnati OT victory over Purdue and couldn’t watch any more of the Kentucky drubbing of Hampton.

It’s supposed to be really nice here tomorrow, but I’ll be spending most of it in presentations. Hopefully I can drag this machine along and find some time to catch up on the above work. ‘Til then …  -Jim

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