Spring Break Report – a little late …

Greetings everyone! In order to catch up on recent activities, we’re going to go back in time (you can do that in a blog!) and see what’s been happening since spring break started on March 14.

As you know, every spring break I make an annual pilgrimage to Clearwater to check out Phillie Phanaticthe prospects of the Philadelphia Phillies. I try to go to as many games as possible, but always the St. Patrick’s Day game where the Phils drag out their greeen unis! It was a nice drive down I 75 to Clearwater and I went straight to the ballpark. The first game was against the cross-town rivals, The Tampa Bay Rays. They looked good – the Phillies did not! ┬áResult: loss 5-3!

The next morning I indulged in another highlight of the trip – breakfast at Lennies! This is a bit of Pennsylvania ripped from hallowed ground and replanted right next to The La Quinta Inn (my abode) in Clearwater. It’s hard to describe Lennies, but, suffice it to say that they serve SCRAPPLE! This is an indescribable PA delicacy of rather dubious ingredients, but, to my Pennsylvanis Dutch palate, just heaven!

I walked to the field to see the Phillies take on the cross-state Pittsburgh Pirates. Today, the Phillies were in top form. I think 18 batters came to the plate in one inning! Result: win – a lot to a little!

Usually, I spend Saturday night at Pier 60 on Clearwater beach, but after the game the rains came! I was forced to watch some March Madness basketball in my room.

Sunday morning the weather was again questionable, but I tried to be positive. This was an away game for the Phils, so I drove the fifteen minutes to the home of the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin (that’s Dun-EEEE-din). There was a light rain falling, but a crowd still gathered in hopeful anticipation. After waiting about an hour, the game was cancelled.

I headed north to Valdosta!


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4 Responses to Spring Break Report – a little late …

  1. jshrader says:

    Rebecca – Hi!

    Yes! Lennies has great pies. Also, in the PA Dutch version of chips and salsa, when you sit down at your place at Lennies, you are served a bowl of Danish Rolls!!! Just a little appetizer for what’s to come. Thanks for your response. I hope you are doing well. Did I see where you did an LVB 9? How did it go? Good to hear from you. -JAS

    • Rebecca Lanning says:

      LvB 9 was terrific. Very enjoyable and fellow soloists/conductor were so great. Duilio Dobrin on podium and a lot of fun to work for.

      On another food note: the WORST thing about growing up on PA cuisine? Making those dang PA dutch noodles. So work intensive but my kids and hubby love them so I’m chained to them forever. I put my foot down, however: holidays only. Mix the dough, roll the dough, cut the dough, toss the dough, dry the dough, cook the dough. ENDLESS process. …but oh so good, if I do say so myself. <3

      • jshrader says:

        Sorry to be late to reply! I married a Latvian and they have the same holiday workload! Lots of cookies, cabbage rolls, cabbage pie, and the delightful piraga (small onion/bacon pastries)! -JAS

  2. Rebecca Lanning says:

    I’m a Shultz and my dad was from PA. I hadn’t heard anyone else talk about scrapple in years. My grandmother LOVED it. So, does Lennies also serve a great piece of pie? There was a restaurant on top of a mountain in west PA, Glissens. More than once, my dad would wake us up and say, “let’s go get some pie.” And we’d drive 4 hours to Glissens for lunch just so he could have some of that PA pie. Loved reading about Lennies and what sounds like a really fun trip.

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