Back Home Again …

Welcome Back!

We returned last night, just in time for Father’s Day and the first day of summer! It’s a very humid 95 degrees as I sit in the gazebo typing. About every 30 minutes or so, I jump in the pool to ostensibly cool off. Unfortunately, the pool temperature resembles that of a warm bath! Anyway, the breeze combined with a wet body serves to cool one down a bit.

I want to catch up on the summer reading list breakdown. So far, I have read:

Ellis – Whispers of the Dead
Hillerman – Spider Woman’s Daughter
Beaton – Death of a Liar
Eccles – An Accidental Shroud
Ellis – Fragments that Remain
Jance – Remains of Innocence
Robinson – The Hanging Valley

I am currently in the middle of Festival of Deaths by Jane Haddam.

Still to come are :

Harrod-Eagles – Dear Departed
Jecks – Blood on the Sand
Leon – Beastly Things
Van de Wettering – Hard Rain
Walker – The Crowded Grave
Mayor – The Surrogate Thief

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s seven down, one in progress, and six to go! If you’re reading from my list or you have constructed your own TBR, please let me know of your progress and what you’re reading. I read everything on the Kindle app on my iPhone 6.

The negative thing about doing this heavy reading during vacation days is that I’ve badly neglected my writing regimen! I’m thinking of doing my own NaNoWriMo in July to get a first draft into the editing process.

In academia news, my Fall classes are filling up as we’re in the summer enrollment period now. My Georgia Governor’s Honors Program masterclass has been set for July 1. I’m excited to hear and work with these talented high school students from across the state.

I was disappointed to miss the Ken Davis (my mentor) Chorale in their “Return to Lubbock” concert at Texas Tech yesterday. I think I was flying over Lubbock at just about the time the concert started! Hopefully next time …

Now, it seems like it’s sufficiently hot enough for another pool plunge, so, stay cool and enjoy the summer from this day one forward. ¬†Cheers! ¬†-JAS

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2 Responses to Back Home Again …

  1. Rebecca L. says:

    Many congratulations on the safe delivery of your first grandchild, James! Very happy for you and your family. You enjoy that pool. I’m off to a pool of a different kind: the applicant pool of a search committee I’m chairing. A total of 44 applicants for an entry level administrative assistant, and most with BAs plus experience. Need to whittle that down to 5 by the end of the day. Would rather be hanging on the pavilion with you!!! Macht spass!

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